Provincial Priory of Northampton Huntingdon & Bedford

Preceptory of Improvement

Provincial Preceptory of Improvement

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There is one Northants, Hunts and Beds Preceptory of Improvement, and this currently meets on the first Sunday of each month from September to March at 11am in the morning at the Masonic Hall, Wellingborough Road, Rushden and other locations by request. All members are welcome and are strongly encouraged to attend.

It caters for all levels of members from the novice to the most proficient, and teaches the various elements of our ceremonies, including sword drill, floor work and modes of address. You will only need to take your sword and belt, full regalia is not required.

Date Location
01st September 2019 Rushden
06th October 2019 Rushden
03rd November 2019 Rushden
01st December 2020 Rushden
05th January 2020 Rushden
02nd February 2020 Rushden
01st March 2020 Rushden

If you would like further details of the Preceptory of Improvement, then please contact the  POI Registrar.

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Pictured below are members attending the POI meeting on Sunday 04th November at Rushden.