Provincial Priory of Northampton Huntingdon & Bedford

POI Testimonials

Below are comments received on the benefits of attending the Preceptory of Improvement

Being new to KT l have found the POI a great benefit to  me apart from meeting other Knights ,you are in a position where there is assistance available to help you learn the various drills. When you become a newly installed Knight there is so much going on there is a lot to take in so at your next meeting you see yourself copying the Knights opposite you  however if they are not doing it right you too are going to be wrong. Giving up a couple of hours once a month on a Sunday morning is not a big ask and l urge all new Knights to give it a go at POI and see what it can do for you



Knight Chris Gauntlett

Wendlynburg Preceptory 23



Dear Colin


Thank you for this morning POI I was very pleased and I will be coming again please let me have the dates.


I wish I had known about POI before.


Kind Regards, 


J.L. Shelton