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Victory Preceptory Centenary

Victory Knights Templar Preceptory Centenary

Members of Victory Preceptory

Above shows a group photo of the members of Victory Preceptory at the Centenary meeting

On the 29th May 2019 the Centenary and Banner Rededication meeting of the Victory Preceptory Knights Templar No: 207 was held at Sheaf Close Northampton.  The meeting was led by The Provincial Prior of Northampton, Huntingdon and Bedford, Right Eminent Knight Roger Charles Wortley, with the support of the Provincial Officers of the year.

 Up until the consecration of the Victory Preceptory there was no Knights templar Preceptory in Northants or Hunts.  As a result, in November 1918, just after the signing of the armistice, a number of established Knights Templars, being existing members of London based and other Preceptories, but living in and around the Northampton area, held an inaugural meeting.  The purpose of this meeting was to discuss a proposal to form and consecrate a new Preceptory in Northampton itself.

 The person leading this initiative was Very Eminent (V.E) Knight Thomas Phipps Dorman, who was a prominent Northampton Mason in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries.  He had a particular interest in Masonic History and wrote several books including the history of Pomfret Craft Lodge No 360 in 1910, (although never a member) and the history of the Province in 1912.

 Although there are no specific records of this meeting, it was obviously successful, because some six months later “Victory Preceptory”, came into existence.  The chosen name clearly refers to that Victory achieved after the cessation of World War One.

 There were 27 Founder Members of The Victory Preceptory, with V. E. Knight Thomas Phipps Dorman having the honour of being installed as the first Eminent Preceptor, and V. E. Knight The Rt. Hon. Lord Lilford, the Provincial Grand Master, as 1st Constable. The 2nd Constable was to be The Knight Thomas Horton, and E. Knight George William Horatio Nelson, was to be installed as Registrar.

 Victory did not remain as the only Preceptory for long with Perseverance Preceptory, 218 being consecrated in Kettering in March 1921 followed by Wendlynburgh Preceptory, 236 in Wellingborough in June 1925. With these three Preceptory’s now established, permission was granted by Great Priory to form a Provincial Priory of Northampton and Huntingdonshire which was duly constituted in November 2025, with Victory’s first EP, Thomas Phipps Dorman becoming the first Provincial Prior.  Three other Preceptories followed between 1925 and 1929 in Huntingdon, Peterborough and Bedford. This last Preceptory changed the Province from Northants and Hunts to Northants, Hunts and Beds.  There was not to be another concertation for 53 years.

 Victory Preceptory has prospered over the first 100 years following its Consecration, with 300 regular meetings having been held, plus a further 9 Emergency or Special ones (including the Centenary) making a grand total of 310 occasions that its Knights have met under the Banner of the Cross.  

 Since the first occasion in November 1942, a total of 78 Victory Priory’s of The Knights of Malta have also taken place.  Starting with the 27 Founder Members back in 1919, we have added to our numbers over this period, by installing some 206 candidates as Knights, with a further 15 Knights becoming Joining Members.  Among the eminent members of the Craft that have marched under our banner are some well-known Masons including six Provincial Grand Masters: 

  • Lord Lilford
  • Evan Harries Harries-Jones
  • Bertram Guillaume
  • Richard Augustus Palmer
  • Richard Sandbach
  • Maxwell William Bayes

 In addition, records show that 101 Knights have so far been installed as Eminent Preceptors of Victory Preceptory, and long may it continue.

 I will conclude with the words of our founding Eminent Preceptor at our consecration 100 years ago “Suffice it to say, that if we have created in you a desire to wish prosperity to “The Victory” Preceptory of Knights Templar, Northampton, then our job is well done.”

Below shows a copy of the Centenary Jewel presented to members by the Provincial Prior

Victory Centenary Jewel

A copy of the history of the Preceptory can be downloaded here.