Provincial Priory of Northampton Huntingdon & Bedford

Perseverance Centenary

Perseverance Preceptory Centenary

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On Thursday 31st March 2022, the Centenary and banner re-dedication meeting took place at Kettering Masonic Hall for Perseverance Knights Templar. This meeting had been somewhat delayed with the pandemic over the past couple of years, and it was 101 years from the date of the consecretation of the Preceptory before they could celebrate their centenary. The wait was well worth while. 

The meeting was lead by the Sub-Prior, E Kt Stephen Churchil, as the Provincial Prior was indisposed through Covid. The Sub-Prior was ably assisted by the Provincial officers of the year. This is the second Preceptory to celebrate its Centenary in the Province - the first being Victory Preceptory in 2019.

Members of the Preceptory were presented with a centenary jewel

A history of the Preceptory was prepared by E Kt Bill Caswell and Peter Watts assisted by other knights. (Click on the image to view the document - members only)

Perseverance Jewel Persverance History.png